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Hi, my name is Kim and I am a cookbook addict! I began collecting cookbooks during college and am always looking for a new one. I have a pretty long wish list of cookbooks and I keep adding to it!

Growing up I was always baking with my Nana – whether it be making chocolate chip cookies or fudge. One of my most vivid memories as a kid was when my Nana and I were making chocolate chip cookies. She had to open a new bag of flour and when she did the bag split apart and it went everywhere. Needless to say both of us and the kitchen were completely covered in flour. Of course we were laughing so hard it took forever to clean up, but thankfully she had more flour so we still got to make our cookies. And I will never forget that day and it always makes me smile. 

In high school I never really paid a lot of attention to cooking, I still baked but was too busy with school and activities to cook much. After college I really started to get into cooking and my cookbook collection started to grow. I realized how much I enjoyed being in the kitchen cooking and baking.

Over the last few years my life has changed a lot as I experienced a big move and then a devasting fire, but in all of teh chaos cookbooks have still been there for me, bringing me joy and happiness.

In my free time I love to travel, read, do yoga, play tennis and shop. My favorite place in the world is Paris and if you stick around you will definitely hear me talk about it a lot! Plus I spend a lot of time searching for new cookbooks, cooking classes and of course new kitchen tools.

I want to help people find the best cookbooks for them so they can experience the joy that comes from cooking and baking. A new cookbook can inspire someone to try a new ingredient or a new dish. I hope these reviews help you pick the best cookbooks for you.

If you have any suggestions for great cookbooks or cooking classes I should review feel free to let me know. I am so happy that you are hear with me and I really appreciate your support. 

Bon Appetit!


Picture of Kim - the founder of Kitchen Lit
Kim Reynolds, founder of Kitchen Lit

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  • Brian DEFEHR

    Hi Kim,
    Like I said on your Insta page, thanks for posting a positive review of the book! Particularly as Paris has re-entered lockdown and I’m no longer able to do my usual work of dinner parties and cooking lessons, it’s sweet to stumble across kind words.
    Best regards,

  • Yvette

    Cookbooks are my favorite as well! My favorite thing to do is to go to thrift shops and search for Cookbooks. I have found some vintage ones that are even dated back to the 1930s 💜💜

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