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    From Shelf to Kitchen: Exploring the Best Cookbook Stores Worldwide

    Embarking on a culinary journey can be as simple as stepping into a bookstore. For those who revel in the art of cooking, finding a dedicated cookbook store can be a transformative experience. These stores, scattered across the globe, offer more than just shelves of recipes; they are treasure troves of culinary inspiration, history, and culture.   Take a chance to explore some of the most remarkable cookbook stores around the world, each with its unique charm and selection in the list below. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a home cook eager to expand your repertoire, these stores are must-visit destinations for any food enthusiast. Join me as I share these cookbook…

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    30 New Cookbooks for 2024

    Get ready to be thrilled about the upcoming 2024 cookbooks! I’ve compiled an exciting list of 30 new cookbooks for 2024 that have piqued my culinary curiosity. This diverse selection spans a wide array of cuisines, featuring tantalizing options like mocktails, Southern delights, Thai masterpieces, Mediterranean classics, Mexican flavors, pizza creations, BBQ wonders, and much more. With such a diverse range to choose from, pinpointing the one I’m most eager to try is quite the delicious dilemma! 1. The Mocktail Club: Classic Recipes (and New Favorites) Without the Booze By: Derick SantiagoRelease Date: January 2, 2024 Pre-Order Today* 2. New Camp Cookbook Fireside Warmers: Drinks, Sweets, and Shareables to Enjoy around the Fire …

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    New Cookbook Releases for 2024

    Are you ready to embark on a delicious journey through 2024? As the year unfolds, the culinary world is set to dazzle us with an array of tantalizing new cookbooks for 2024 that promise to inspire, educate, and delight food enthusiasts of all levels. These cookbooks are a gateway to explore new flavors, master diverse techniques, and elevate your kitchen skills. In this blog post you’ll find a list of the announced cookbooks releasing in 2024.  From celebrated chefs sharing their culinary secrets to innovative cookbooks redefining food trends, there’s something for every palate and passion. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or an aspiring home cook, these upcoming releases are bound to ignite…

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    35 New Cookbooks for Fall 2023

    As the leaves change color and a cozy breeze sweeps through, I am so excited to present 35 New Cookbooks for Fall 2023. After scouring the pages of countless releases, I curated a collection that will ignite your kitchen with fresh inspiration for the fall season. From soul-warming comfort foods to innovative international flavors, these cookbooks promise to elevate your autumn culinary adventures. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or an aspiring home cook, there’s something here for every appetite. So, let’s turn the page together and discover the culinary magic that awaits in the pages of these sensational new cookbooks! 1. Asian After Work: Simple Food for Every Day By: Adam LiawRelease Date:…

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    Celebrate National Book Lovers Day

    It should come as no surprise that I love books! My parents started reading to us when we were really young and always encouraged us to read. I remember going to the library often as a kid. Heck I still have a library card today as you can get some many books from my beloved cookbooks to the latest fiction and even digital rentals too. I will celebrate National Book Lovers Day by reading some of Love Overboard by Janet Evanovich.  Books allow us to explore in a way nothing else does. One day you can be in the world of a nutty bounty hunter thanks to Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum novels and…

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    Happy 3rd Birthday Kitchen Lit!

    Wow! Three years goes by much faster than you think. I had no idea how much I would love writing my blog sharing about my love of cookbooks, cooking classes, cooking and baking.  I’m still working on replacing all of the cookbooks I lost in the fire – but I have definitely made some headway. Right now I have 40 physical cookbooks and 54 digital cookbooks. Plus I have a ton on my wish list and it keeps growing! I love having the digital cookbooks in the Kindle app on my iPad and iPhone as they are always with me, makes it so easy to pull up the ingredients for a recipe if…

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    25 New Cookbooks for Summer 2023

    Summer is here and I am so glad for the abundant sunshine. As the seasons shifts so do my cravings for different types of food. I find myself wanting lighter fare and more seafood. The 25 new summer cookbooks for 2023 offer so many choices to feed any craving from paella to vegan to barbecue and so much more. Plus don’t forget to check out the cookbooks inspired by Super Mario, The Tour de France, The Gilded Age and Agatha Christie mysteries.  1. Ed Mitchell’s Barbeque By: Ed Mitchell, Ryan Mitchell & Zella PalmerRelease Date: June 6, 2023  Order Today* 2. Egg Rolls & Sweet Tea: Asian Inspired, Southern Style By: Natalie KengRelease…

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    25 Cookbooks for Spring 2023

    I can’t believe it’s already March, I have no idea where the time has gone this year. Spring is my favorite season for new cookbooks as they always seem so fresh and inviting after the cold winter. Plus if you are still getting snow it’s invigorating to see all the signs of spring. Trying to pick my favorite cookbooks is impossible but here are 25 new cookbooks for Spring 2023. I hope these help you find your favorite new recipes.  1. Simple (Mostly) Vegan Kitchen: 100 nourishing recipes to bring a little sunshine into your day By: Ellie BullenRelease Date: March 1, 2023  Pre-Order Today* 2. Africana: More than 100 Recipes and Flavors Inspired…

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    2023 New Cookbook Releases

    The 2023 new cookbook releases are getting me excited to try new recipes. I am always looking for complete lists of the new cookbooks and they can be hard to find. This year I decided to create my own to share with all my fellow cookbook lovers. I’ll be updating the list throughout the year as new cookbooks are announced, so make sure you bookmark it. Hope this helps you plan for the new 2023 cookbooks you want to buy!  January 2023 2nd  Art of Italian Cooking: Exploring the Regions of Italy with 180 Classic Recipes* 3rd 101 Whiskies to try Before you Die, 5th Edition* Baking it Vegan: Easy Recipes for Your…

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    35 New Cookbooks for 2023

    2023 is looking to be a great year for new cookbooks. There are over 750 new cookbooks releasing this year alone. I normally share 25 but I couldn’t narrow the list that much, so here is my list of 35 cookbooks that I want to add to my collection asap.  1. Japanese Superfoods: Learn the Secrets of Healthy Eating and Longevity – the Japanese Way! By: Yumi KomatsudairaRelease Date: January 3, 2023  Order Today* 2. What Would Jesus Eat Cookbook: Eat Well, Feel Great, and Live Longer By: Don ColbertRelease Date: January 3, 2023 Order Today* 3. Mocktails, Cordials, Syrups, Infusions and more: Over 80 delicious recipes for alcohol-free drinks By: Ryland Peters & SmallRelease Date:…