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Cookbook reviews of today's cookbooks showing what I made and what I think of the recipes.

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    Cookbook Reviews

    The Pioneer Woman Cooks Dinner’s Ready!

    “I think you’ll come away from this book with a bunch of new family favorites, and I hope you’ll come away from this book with a bunch of new family favorites, and I hope you’ll be inspired to get in the kitchen more, to get out of the kitchen more quickly (ha!), and to breathe in and enjoy life,” Ree Drummond from The Pioneer Woman Cooks Dinner’s Ready!. The Pioneer Woman cookbooks are some of my favorite and most used cookbooks. I was super excited to see The Pioneer Woman Cooks Dinner’s Ready! This cookbook follows the same format by having the recipe broken down into steps, each with its own picture. All…

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    Cookbook Reviews

    Cookie Advent Cookbook

    “The cookies are shared with loved ones, and the Advent calendar reveals something new each night leading up to the holiday,” Barbara Grunes & Viriginia Van Vynckt authors of Cookie Advent Cookbook. Growing up we never really had fancy Advent calendars, but they are something that I have come to love as an adult. I have had the kindle version of The Cookie Advent Cookbook for a few months now but just recently saw it in the hardcopy and immediately bought it. All of the doors open on the front cover to reveal the cookie of the day. You and your family will love the fun this cookbook provides. The Cookie Advent Cookbook…

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    Cookbook Reviews

    Food That Anchors

    “Food is a universal language that bypasses tension or silence. It bridges the chasm of differences,” Ellen C Lee from Food That Anchors. I was gifted this cookbook and am so glad that I have it in my collection now. The introduction by Ellen is one of the most honest introductions I think I have ever read in any book. She discussed her challenging upbringing and how even in the difficult times they always sat down to dinner and in a way that anchored her family. We all experienced different childhoods each with their own problems – some more traumatic than others. I think her introduction shows how one small action such as…

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    Cookbook Reviews

    Jurassic World: The Official Cookbook

    “The chapters in this cookbook are based on the spectacular, dinosaur-filled “zones” in the park, each of which showcases a different kind of dinosaur and the cuisine they’ve inspired,” Dayton Ward. I’ve been a fan of the Jurassic World and Jurassic Park movies for years – and i’ve seen them all. When I saw they were releasing Jurassic World: The Official Cookbook I couldn’t wait to try the recipes and bring a little taste of the park into my own home. The recipes are easy to follow and provide delicious results. I love how the cookbook has information about all of the different dinosaurs throughout it. It’s almost like a guidebook to the…

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    Cookbook Reviews

    Bake Your Heart Out

    “This is the real magic of baking. It gives you a feeling of fulfillment and accomplishment unlike anything else I’ve found. I may have an endless to-do list, but if I can sit down with my family on Sunday and share a dessert that makes them groan with pleasure or drop off a batch of cookies to someone having a hard time, I can go to bed knowing it was a good day,” Dan Langan. Bake Your Heart Out was gifted to me by the publisher and from the moment I opened the package I was hooked. I couldn’t wait to sit down and read the whole cookbook. It is filled with recipes…

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    Cookbook Reviews

    The Princess Bride: The Official Cookbook

    “The Princess Bride is that perfect recipe of humor, drama, adventure, and romance, which is why it lends itself so well to themed food recipes. Cooking along while reciting your favorite quotes or reenacting memorable scenes is what makes the experience of creating film-related dishes so enjoyable,” Jenn Fujikawa. I was eight when The Princess Bride came out – I don’t remember how old I was the first time I watched it, but I would guess I was a teen. It is such an iconic movie and growing up with older siblings I tended to see movies earlier than my friends. Even today The Princess Bride is in my top 10 favorite movies…

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    Cookbook Reviews

    Homestead Recipes

    “Lots of folks don’t have any idea how fantastic and crazy the food is here in the Midwest – salads made of dessert. Hot dish for any time of the day and every occasion. Bar recipes that get passed around to every lady at the church for generations,” Amanda Rettke, author of Homestead Recipes. I have been following Amanda on instagram (@iambaker) for a while and I love her content and her characters. If you haven’t seen Shirley, you should definitely check her out. One of the things that appealed to me most about her cookbook Homestead Recipes is that the recipes are down to earth and not crazy fancy. Yes, there are…

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    Cookbook Reviews

    A Literary Picnic

    “Whether you’re a kitchen novice or a seasoned home cook, you’ll find recipes here that were made with you in mind,” Alison Walsh. I was so excited to see A Literary Picnic: 5 Menus of Outdoor-Friendly Recipes Inspired by Classic Literature by Alison Walsh as I had previously reviewed her A Literary Holiday Cookbook (see my review here) and loved it. As an avid reader myself I always find myself wondering about the food they are eating in the stories, and it doesn’t matter what genre the book is from. We all remember Mr. Collins and his boiled potatoes comment from Pride and Prejudice. A Literary Picnic: 5 Menus of Outdoor-Friendly Recipes Inspired…

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    Cookbook Reviews

    The John Wayne Complete Cookbook

    “As much as he enjoyed a well-prepared piece of meat, what John Wayne loved best about a meal was how it brought us all together. Gathered around the table, trading stories and laughs, a dinner at the end of a long day of work meant good times and better company,” Ethan Wayne. I grew up watching John Wayne movies – I can’t even remember how old I was when I saw my first one. My Dad’s favorite actor is John Wayne and he loves all of this movies – my Dad has seen a lot of his movies. My favorite John Wayne movies are McLintock! and The Quiet Man, such funny movies and…

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    Cookbook Reviews

    The Vermont Farm Table Cookbook

    “It is my hope that the collection of rustic-yet-refined Vermont inspired recipes and heartwarming stories featured in this updated edition will capture your interest and whet your appetite for more, as you embark on a culinary exploration of our beautiful state,” Tracey Medeiros. The Vermont Farm Table Cookbook is a unique cookbook that showcases not only delicious recipes but local farms and food businesses throughout the state of Vermont. It makes me want to take a wondering drive through Vermont to visit them all. The recipes will be loved by everyone in your house.