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    A Literary Picnic

    by: Alison Walsh “Whether you’re a kitchen novice or a seasoned home cook, you’ll find recipes here that were made with you in mind,” Alison Walsh. I was so excited to see A Literary Picnic: 5 Menus of Outdoor-Friendly Recipes Inspired by Classic Literature by Alison Walsh as I had previously reviewed her A Literary Holiday Cookbook (see my review here) and loved it. As an avid reader myself I always find myself wondering about the food they are eating in the stories, and it doesn’t matter what genre the book is from. We all remember Mr. Collins and his boiled potatoes comment from Pride and Prejudice. A Literary Picnic: 5 Menus of…

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    The John Wayne Complete Cookbook

    by: Topix Media Lab “As much as he enjoyed a well-prepared piece of meat, what John Wayne loved best about a meal was how it brought us all together. Gathered around the table, trading stories and laughs, a dinner at the end of a long day of work meant good times and better company,” Ethan Wayne.  I grew up watching John Wayne movies – I can’t even remember how old I was when I saw my first one. My Dad’s favorite actor is John Wayne and he loves all of this movies – my Dad has seen a lot of his movies. My favorite John Wayne movies are McLintock! and The Quiet Man,…

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    The Vermont Farm Table Cookbook

    by: Tracey Medeiros “It is my hope that the collection of rustic-yet-refined Vermont inspired recipes and heartwarming stories featured in this updated edition will capture your interest and whet your appetite for more, as you embark on a culinary exploration of our beautiful state,” Tracey Medeiros.  The Vermont Farm Table Cookbook is a unique cookbook that showcases not only delicious recipes but local farms and food businesses throughout the state of Vermont. It makes me want to take a wondering drive through Vermont to visit them all. The recipes will be loved by everyone in your house.  Berry Good Smoothie Smoothies are one of my favorite things to have, especially for breakfast. I…

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    The WW Mediterranean Table

    by: WW International “Mediterranean cooking is famous for scrumptious dishes that make use of ingredients at their seasonal peaks,” WW Editors. I have never been a WW member but I have always enjoyed their cookbooks. They have flavorful recipes that are easy to follow.  My sister saw The WW Mediterranean Table and we decided to order it. I am always searching for more Mediterranean recipes as I really enjoy them and this cookbook definitely exceeded expectations.  Grape Granita with Grappa The photo of this in the cookbook made me want to make this immediately. The hardest thing for me was trying to find grappa, where I live we don’t have great liquor stores…

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    French Pastry Made Simple

    by: Molly Wilkinson “I want to build your pastry-making confidence and give you the information you need to succeed whether you’re a beginner or seasoned baker,” Molly Wilkinson.  I have been following @mollyjwilk on instagram for a while and was super excited to see that she wrote a cookbook, French Pastry Made Simple. As we all know I’m obsessed with France and all the deliciousness it offers, so making these desserts at home is a must for me. Over the years I have tried many different French cookbooks but I find the recipes in French Pastry Made Simple to be the easiest I have made. The cookbook offers a variety of recipes for…

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    Teatime At Grosvenor Square

    by: Dahlia Clearwater “The spectacle, luxury, and tantalizing saga of Bridgerton has captured the hearts and imaginations of millions of viewers. But among all the heart-racing drama and Regency finery, one thing truly stands out: the magnificent food. Spectacular cakes, candy-colored cookies, fresh fruit as far as the eye can see – it’s enough to make even Lady Whistledown’s wearied mouth water,” Dahlia Clearwater.  I am a huge fan of Bridgerton and having lived in London before I love tea. When I found Teatime At Grosvenor Square I was so excited to try out all the recipes. I was so happy with the results from the ones that I tried and would highly…

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    Nourish Your Body: A 30-Day Healthy & Delicious Meal Plan

    by: Renata Trebing “I had to find a way to eat that was both healthy and delicious. A place where I could have healthy indulgences and not fall into the loop of guilt and overeating; where I could feel proud of myself, my food and my choices, each and every day,” Renata Trebing. Eating healthier is a big goal of mine for 2022 and I love to find cookbooks like Nourish Your Body.    The recipes are very easy to follow and don’t require a ton of speciality items. I love that it is a 30-day meal plan so you can just open up the cookbook and jump start being healthier for 30…

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    more plants on your plate

    by: Bailey Rhatigan “I created this cookbook to help people who want to eat more plants for the health benefits but don’t want to drastically change their habits or eat boring food all week long,” Bailey Rhatigan.    More plants on your plate offers a wide variety of recipes that can be adapted to vegan and vegetarian lifestyles. A lot of the recipes come with great tips to help you if you want to meal prep. As someone who has done a lot of meal prepping in the past, I am always looking for tips and recipes to make the process easier.    It was really tough to decide what I wanted to…

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    My 3 Favorite Smoothie Cookbooks

    Every year I try to start the new year with having a few more smoothies and healthier meals to counteract everything I have devoured over the Christmas holidays. I don’t really diet much but I do like to follow the 80/20 rule and have found smoothies to be a great way to stick to it.  There are so many smoothie cookbooks out now that it can be a little overwhelming. Below are my top three that I am always reaching for and that I love.  1. The Body Reset Diet Cookbook About five years ago I stumbled on The Body Reset Diet book and tried it. I had great success with it and…

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    French Desserts

    by: Hillary Davis “What I learned over the many years I lived in France and from my extensive traveling throughout the country, is that French desserts-the ones the French make in their homes-are easy to make,” Hillary Davis.    As a self proclaimed Francophile I have always had a love for French desserts. The French Desserts cookbook provides easy to understand recipes that allow home chefs of any level to make a delicious dessert in their own kitchen.    I found some many recipes I wanted to make in French Desserts it made it difficult to choose just two. In the next few months I plan to cook through a lot more of these…