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5 Steps To An Organized Kitchen

Do you want an organized kitchen? Follow my steps below to make the most of your space today.

We have all seen the professionally organized kitchens on TV that look beautiful and I know I would love for mine to look like that as well. However, I have a small apartment kitchen with very limited storage (only 2 drawers – surprisingly my old kitchen in my apartment in NYC had more storage). Just because our kitchen doesn’t look like a TV kitchen doesn’t mean it can’t be organized and functional. Follow these five steps below to get your kitchen organized today. 

1. Pull everything out of all kitchen cabinets and drawers. It is very important to be able to see everything you have at one time. Remember it will look worse before it gets better. 

2. Sort items – grouping like items together. Discard any junk. This is a great time to get rid of stained Tupperware, old cutting boards and anything that is broken. Also keep an eye out for anything you have that you never use – these are great for donation. 

3. Decide what items are used everyday and what is only used on special occasions. Separating items into these two categories allow you to place the everyday items at an easy reach. 

4. Look at your cabinets and drawers and decide where you want the items. My sister and I live together and she is much shorter than me (6″ shorter). I have made sure that the everyday items are within her reach and items we rarely use (such as the crock pot and salad spinner) are up higher in the cabinets. 

5. Put all items in their new home and label the area so others know where items go.  If everyone in the family knows where the items in the kitchen go it makes it much easier to put the clean dishes away and stay organized. 

Picture of an Organized Kitchen Counter

What is your biggest struggle to keeping an organized kitchen? (Mine is my sister - lol)

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