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5 Tips for Better Smoothies

I love a good smoothie and almost always have smoothie packs in my freezer ready to go. Over the years of making smoothies I have found a few things that make smoothies better. Below you will find my five top tips for better smoothies. 

1. Use Frozen Fruit instead of Fresh
When I started making smoothies I tried using all fresh fruit. I instantly realized this was really expensive and hard to get the best quality fruits all year long. Once I switched to frozen fruits it became so much easier to find what I needed to make my smoothies. Plus when using frozen fruit you can use less ice in your smoothies. 
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2. Prep Smoothie Packs
Smoothie packs are a game changer when it comes to making smoothies. In the beginning I would get up super early to chop everything to make two smoothies. I quickly realized that was not sustainable for me – plus who wants to chop fruits and veggies at 6 a.m. (certainly not me). While looking at Pinterest one day years ago I saw smoothie packs and realized I need to do that. I will buy ingredients to make a week or more worth of smoothies and then come home and prep them for the smoothies packs. It takes me about an hour to prep all the fruit and vegetables going into the packs and then they are done. You can use ziploc bags, reusable storage bags or even mason jars (make sure your mason jars are freezer safe) to store the smoothie packs in. When you are ready to make a smoothie pull a pack out of the freezer and you are five minutes to a delicious smoothie. 
3. Invest in a Good Blender
I have used many different types of blenders and I always come to the same conclusion a Vitamix is the best for smoothies. The Vitamix is easy to use and clean plus you don’t have to chop your ingredients as small which saves prep time. Keep in mind that all of the high speed blenders are loud but so quick to get the perfect consistency for your smoothie. 
4. Start with Liquid First
I have seen many suggestions on the correct order for your ingredients to be added to your blender. The best smoothies for me have been ones where I start with the liquid in the blender first, then add any protein powders, then add any seeds, then any fresh produce and then the frozen smoothie pack. Most of the high speed blenders work so well at incorporating the ingredients that they will work no matter how you add ingredients, however, with the liquid on the bottom they always work the best. 
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5. Don’t Be Afraid to Modify Recipes to Your Taste
I have found many recipes that I make and love instantly. However, sometimes the recipe doesn’t quiet fit my taste buds so I will make an edit. For example, I hate kale or arugula in my smoothies so I always switch it with spinach and always find the smoothies to work well with the spinach. The more you make smoothies the easier you will find it to make adjustments to fit your needs. 
What’s your best tip for better smoothies?

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