Photo of a blender with smoothie ingredients in it and a smoothie sitting next to it on the right. On the left are additional smoothie ingredients including beets.
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Vitamix: My Favorite Blender

Over the years I have owned many different blenders all in search of finding the best blender. I have bought them from many stores including Target, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Best Buy and Sur La Table. Every brand claims to have the best blender at their price point. I have realized that you do really get what you pay for. When you buy an inexpensive blender you don’t know if it will blend your smoothie completely or be able to really blend hot soup. Most of the time it doesn’t work very well. 

I spent some time when living in St. Louis working for Sur La Table and it was there that I first got to test the Vitamix blender. We have all heard people rave about a Vitamix blender but at the time I didn’t see how the cost could be worth it, until I tried it. 

A Vitamix blender is the best of the best I have never had any other blender that could make such well blended smoothies, soups and even amazing guacamole. The best test I ever put my Vitamix through was chopping up bittersweet chocolate to use in fudge. A task which is almost impossible with a knife – the Vitamix powered through it quickly. It made my day making fudge so much easier. 

I unfortunately didn’t take the Vitamix blender when I left my last relationship (wish I had) so I have been using a Ninja and it just doesn’t compare. Vitamix is superior in so many ways and then the best feature in my opinion is the cleanup, just add some soap and water and turn it on. I am always so worried about cutting my hand on the blades of the Ninja when I disassemble it, something you never have to worry about with a Vitamix. 

The Vitamix I originally owned was the Vitamix Pro 750 Heritage Blender*. My next big purchase for my kitchen is a new Vitamix A3500 Ascent Series in Cooper*.

What's your favorite thing to make in your Vitamix?

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