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America’s Test Kitchen Cooking School

America’s Test Kitchen Cooking School is a great way to expand your cooking skills. They offer over 300 different courses you can take. The courses are broken down into three categories: technique lessons, cooking basics and recipe lessons. As a student you have the ability to sort the courses by level of difficulty, main ingredient or recipe type. I was looking for a course on cooking a steak on the stove top or oven, which I didn’t find, but there are lots of other great courses. 

Crisp roasted potatoes is the course that I decided to take first. I’m not sure about you but I love roasted vegetables and potatoes. Sometimes they just don’t come out as crispy as I want. 

The course was really easy to follow with an introduction, letting you know what you’ll need, what can go wrong and videos to follow when cooking. Plus there is a recipe you can print at the end of the course. I found the directions very easy to follow and the potatoes were so crispy. I will say that the recipe takes an hour to make, but they noted that on the recipe.  

Overall I was really pleased with the course from America’s Test Kitchen Cooking School. I have a bunch more courses that I want to take with them. If you are looking to improve your cooking skills I would definitely recommend trying out America’s Test Kitchen Cooking School and right now they are offering a two week free trial. 

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