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Cooking Class Reviews

The Kitchn Cooking School

The Kitchn offers a free online cooking school. Everyday for 20 days they send you a new lesson to your inbox. I decided to test it out and see what the lessons were like. Below you will find my thoughts on the first three lessons. Make sure to sign up for The Kitchn Cooking school to get all 20 lessons. 

Day 1: Knife Skills

The knife skills lesson is all about how to use your knife properly – to me this is one of the most important things for a home cook. We don’t need to buy the fanciest knife just a good chef’s knife that we are comfortable holding. They demonstrated many skills in the lesson including:

          • how to hold your knife
          • how to keep your cutting board from moving while chopping
          • how to dice an onion 
          • how to mince garlic. 
Overall it was a great lesson for beginners and even helpful for more experienced cooks to remember the proper ways to cut. The better our knife skills are the less time we take to make our dishes. 

Day 2: How to Become A Cook Who Really Understands Heat and Oil

This lessons focuses on the one thing that can derail any chef. Is our pan or oil hot enough for our food? The information and techniques are really helpful for any home cook. 

I personally have a glass stove top in the apartment I currently live in. I constantly find my pans get too hot or they don’t heat evenly. It is important to know if your burners heat evenly and stay hot. Sometimes you will have one or two burners that work better than the other two. A gas stove is much easier to maintain a consistent heat on. 

Day 3: How To Be A Cook Who Can Make Any Vegetable Fun To Eat

Vegetables can be tricky to cook when you are first beginning. In this lesson from The Kitchn they teach you the best way to prep each category of vegetable and how to cook them. I love roasting vegetables especially broccoli and sweet potatoes. 

The Kitchn Cooking school provides great quick lessons that can really improve anyone’s cooking. I love taking cooking classes to  improve my skills in the kitchen. Click here to sign up for The Kitchn Cooking School to get all 20 lessons and sharpen your skills today. 

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