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3 Healthy Cookbooks to Eat Better

I love food and don’t believe in having off limits food or recipes, however, I do try to follow the 80/20 rule. What’s that? Eat healthier meals 80% of the time and 20% of the time have whatever you want. 


For me I have found this works well and I never really feel deprived of anything I love. That being said I am always searching for great healthy recipes that don’t sacrifice the taste in order to be healthy. Below you will find my 3 favorite healthy cookbooks that help me eat better. All of them offer easy to follow, delicious recipes that your whole family will love. 

Photo of the Cover of The Healthy Swaps Cookbook
1. The Healthy Swaps Cookbook: Easy Substitutions to Boost the Nutritional Value of  Your Favorite Recipes
We all have our favorite indulgent meals. I’m not sure about you but I love to find new ways to make those meal a little healthier and still be delicious. When I came across The Healthy Swaps Cookbook I was immediately hooked on it and couldn’t wait to try some of the recipes. The recipes are delicious and eventually I will cook through all of the recipes. Click here to check out my full review of The Healthy Swaps Cookbook
Cookbook Cover of WeightWatchers Family Meals
2. WW Family Meals
I have tested many of the WW cookbooks and am pleased to say that I really like all of them. Even if you do not do WW you can still find great recipes in their cookbooks. I have never done WW but I do love the recipes in their cookbooks. One of my favorite recipes of all time is their Old Fashion Chicken Potpie, so delicious. To read my full review of WW Family Meals click here
Cover of Ultimate Meal Prep Cookbook
3. The Ultimate Meal Prep Cookbook
One of the simplest ways to eat better is to meal prep. When we have dinners ready to go or shortcuts done ahead it makes it easy to put a healthy dinner on the table vs ordering delivery.  The Ultimate Meal Prep Cookbook is a great addition to any kitchen as it offers delicious recipes with helpful shortcuts.  Click here to read my full review of The Ultimate Meal Prep Cookbook.

Eating better doesn’t have to be time consuming and difficult. It can be as simple as picking one healthier recipe a week to make. I have found that these cookbooks above offer great tips, tricks and recipes to make eating better so simple. 


Have you tried any of the cookbooks above? If so, what are your favorite recipes from them? 

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