Last Minute Tips for A Great Christmas Dinner

Only a few days until Christmas is here. It just doesn’t seem possible. We are just having a small family Christmas this year. We did our big grocery shop a few days ago and found the rest of what we needed yesterday. 


Are you a little behind in your planning for Christmas dinner? Check out my tips below to get on track so you don’t have to stress too much this year.

Christmas Dinner Planning Tips

  • Decide on what you are making. Remember your menu doesn’t have to be complicated to be delicious.
  • Ask those attending to bring something and take some stress of yourself.
  • Make your shopping list for what you are missing.
  • Make your final trip to the grocery store.
  • Cook anything that can be cooked ahead of time such as the pies.
  • Complete any prep work that can be done ahead for veggies.
  • If you have the space take out your cooking vessels and anything that is in the pantry that you will need on Christmas Day. I like to put the pantry items with the cooking vessel so everything is at hand. This also makes it easier for those helping you cook so you can focus on what you are making.
  • Decide what time you are going to start cooking and enjoy! 

Cooking on Christmas Day doesn’t have to be stressful. Remember the most important part of the day is to spend time with your family. If something doesn’t come out right, just laugh and enjoy what else works out.


Some of my best memories are when we have fails in the kitchen. What are your favorite memories of cooking for Christmas?

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