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Brunch @ Bobby’s

Cookbook by: Bobby Flay
with Stephanie Banyas & Sally Jackson

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“It’s not quite breakfast and certainly not lunch. It’s a special couple of hours that come only once a week. Brunch…savor it!” Bobby Flay. 

Brunch is a great meal to enjoy with friends and family. I love a good eggs benedict but am always looking for new recipes to broaden my brunch faire. Brunch @ Bobby’s is a great cookbook to help you find the best recipes to feed a hungry group for brunch. 

Berry Tea Smoothies

Picture of Berry Tea Smoothie on a blue placemat

I really enjoy a good smoothie, when done right they are delicious and filling. The recipe was easy to follow, just remember to make the tea ahead of time so you can cool it in the fridge. I couldn’t find the Celestial Seasonings Red Zinger tea so I used the Celestial Seasonings Raspberry Zinger tea.

The Berry Tea Smoothie was refreshing and crisp. I served it with biscuits and jam. Next time I make this I will add some protein powder and make it for breakfast or lunch.  

Picture of Buttermilk Biscuits on a White plate on a blue placemat

Buttermilk Biscuits

Growing up in the south biscuits were a staple everywhere you went for brunch. Over the last few years I have tried a few different biscuit recipes and have had pretty good success with most of them but they have all seemed to take a really long time to make. These buttermilk biscuits didn’t disappoint and were easy to make. 

I served the biscuits with a nice brunch and lots of jams. Plus had leftovers for the next morning and some that I threw in the freezer to be enjoyed later. 

Cookbook Ratings: Recipe directions easy to follow: yes, Ingredients easy to find: yes, Specialty ingredients needed: no, Specialty equipment needed: no, Accurate time estimates: yes, Best for home chef skill level: novice, Taste/flavor: delicious, Family friendly: yes, specialty diet: no, How many recipes are unique: most, overall cookbook rating: love it

Brunch @ Bobby’s is a great cookbook for anyone wanting to elevate their brunch game. All of the recipes are easy to understand, tasty and definitely crowd pleasers. Don’t forget to check out my review of Bobby Flay Fit

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