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10 Cooking Classes to Gift

Still looking for a great gift for your loved ones? One of the best gifts I have given or received are the gifts of experiences and cooking classes are at the top of my list. This year so many cooking classes have gone from in person to online classes, allowing us access to some amazing classes. Below is a list of some that I have tried and others that are on my list to try soon. 

1. Sur La Table
Sur La Table has been offering cooking classes for a long time. They are now offering online and in store classes. Online classes start at $29 for a household. In store classes start at $79 per person. 
2. Food Network Kitchen 
The Food Network Kitchen is a great app for anyone wanting to improve their cooking skills and for the Food Network show lover! Check out my review here. A one year gift subscription is $39.99.
3. Cook’n With Class
Cook’n With Class is a cooking school offering classes in Paris and Uzes. Normally they offer classes on location starting at 95€ (approximately $121), however, since the pandemic started they have been offering online classes starting at 35€ (approximately $43). The class options range from French Bistro Quick Menus to Bûche de Noël. 
4. Ballymaloe Cookery School 
I first heard of Ballymaloe Cookery School from the Bake From Scratch Authentic Ireland issue. Some of my family is from County Cork in Ireland and I really want to visit and take a cooking class while I am there. They offer full time culinary instruction as well as some specialized short courses. The short courses start at 50€ (approximately $61) for virtual courses and 145€ (approximately $177) for in person classes. 
5. Molly J Wilk
Molly Wilkinson is a trained Le Cordon Bleu pastry chef. She offers pastry classes in Versailles in an 18th century apartment. Currently she is offering virtual classes so we can all participate. I can’t wait to take one. The classes start at 15€ (approximately $19). 
6. America’s Test Kitchen Cooking School
A great school to bring your skills to the next level. They offer a wide variety of classes to get the most out of your subscription. Check out my review here. A one year subscription is $179.95.
7. Traveling Spoon 
Traveling Spoon connects travelers with local, vetted hosts to learn about culinary traditions while enjoying a home cooked meal. Currently they are offering virtual cooking classes at $36 per class. Who wouldn’t love to take a Moroccan Tajine class with a Chef from Morocco without having to leave your house? 
8. Blue Door Bakery
I found Blue Door Bakery on Instagram. The cakes that Dani makes are amazing and I want to be able to make cakes that look this beautiful. All of her classes are digital as of next year and classes start at £15 (approximately $27). Her Christmas bauble cakes are so pretty. 
9. Masterclass
Masterclass is a streaming platform that allows you to watch classes taught by over 100 of the world’s best in many fields. Classes are offered in categories such as cooking, writing, acting, sports and more. The cooking classes are taught by chefs Gordon Ramsey, Wolfgang Puck and more well known chefs. The membership includes all the classes across all the categories for a yearly subscription of $180.
10. The Chef & The Dish
The Chef & The Dish offers private virtual cooking classes. Once you book a class they have a kitchen assistant contact you to make sure you have everything you need for the class. At the class time the Chef calls you via Skype and you have your own private lesson. You can learn how to make pasta from a Chef in Italy to Chicken Paella from a Chef in Spain. Each class is $299 for two participants.

What cooking classes intrigue you the most? Is there one you are dying to take? Comment below and let me know. 

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