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Food Network Kitchen App

Food Network Kitchen is an app (and online website) that offers meal planning, prerecorded classes, live classes and commercial free episodes of Food Network shows. Inside of the app you can save recipes, classes and videos. They even have a section where you can create boards to save your collections – such as for the holidays. I signed up for the free trial memebership to test it out and see if it is worth the money. 

Slow Cooker Ranch Chicken Nachos Class

I tried the Slow Cooker Ranch Chicken Nachos class hosted by Bev Weidner. The first page of the recipe lists what ingredients and tools you need, making it easy to prep for the class. I watched the video ahead of time so I was prepared for cooking. (I always like to read recipes multiple times to make sure I don’t miss anything). The video was easy to follow and the instructions were listed below the video. 

I love nachos in general and these were really delicious. This is a recipe that I will make again. Plus I had some leftover chicken and that is great for nachos or tacos the second day. 

Is Food Network Kitchen app worth the price?

I found the app to be really useful and I am going to keep my subscription. Even as I was trying to decide which recipe to make I was able to quickly rule out ones were I would need to get new kitchen tools, such as a cookie press, but I intend to come back to that class. I will say that to get the most functionality out of it you definitely want to be using the app and not the web interface. I couldn’t save classes on the web interface and found the search function on the web to be clunky. The app however, had great search options and I was able to easily save my classes. 

Food Network Kitchen is currently offering a free 30-day trial, plus they are still running their black Friday deal for 50% off a one year subscription. A one year premium subscription is normally $39.99. 

I would recommend this to anyone looking to increase their skill base. This would also make a great Christmas gift. 

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