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How To Keep Your Kitchen Organized

Have you organized your kitchen in the last few years? With most of us spending more time at home I feel like we are all trying to make our spaces more organized and pretty. Once you organize your kitchen it doesn’t stay that way unless you tend to it on a regular basis. What are the best ways to keep your kitchen organized? Check out my tips below. 

1. Did you label everything when you originally organized your kitchen? If not now is the time to go ahead and take that extra step, especially if you live with other people. Not everyone will pay attention to where you originally put stuff but if there is a label on a shelf it can help them, including your kids put things back where they belong.

2. Before you go to the grocery store take a few minutes to straighten out your fridge. This makes it so much easier to see what you need and also when you get home from the grocery store you will have plenty of room to put your groceries up.

3. Once you get home from the grocery store put anything that needs to go into a container away. By going ahead and empty cereal into the containers or flour into it’s container it saves space in your pantry and makes your mornings easier. 

4. Once a month do a quick look through your cabinets and put anything that is out of place in its place. No matter how hard you try to keep a perfectly organized kitchen things are going to get put back in the wrong place. Even when I lived by myself I still put stuff away in the wrong place. When you take a few minutes once a month you can straighten out anything that isn’t organized and you can see if you are missing anything. For me, I have a habit of throwing away cooking utensils that are breaking and forgetting to put them on a list of things I need. Once I check over the organized items I normally remember I threw out an old spatula and need to replace it soon. 

Keeping an organized kitchen makes it much easier to cook, but it’s not the end of the world if it gets messy again. Just remember that you use it multiple times a day so stuff is going to be put up in weird places and you will sometimes have to search for things, but you can keep all of that to a minimum by following my tips above. 

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