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Cooking Class Reviews

Craftsy Cooking Classes

Online cooking classes are a great way to learn how to cook. I recently found Craftsy an online platform offering classes in cooking, baking, cake decorating, photography, fun for kids, sewing and so much more. Currently they are offering a year long premium membership for just $3! It is normally $79.99! 

I decided to take the Startup Library: Cooking class taught by Celeste Rogers. The class consists of  fifteen videos you can watch that will give you a lot of information on the basics you need to be able to cook in the kitchen. 

She discusses the equipment you need and offers great tips as the lessons progress. I loved her tips on holding and using your knives properly, as this is a very important skill to master to ensure your safety in the kitchen. One thing that I really don’t love doing is deboning a chicken, Celeste had some great tips to make it so much easier including to just simply make a light cut on the skin before you try to cut the bone so you can better see what you are doing. 

All of the lessons were informative and easy to understand. Plus since they are broken down into smaller videos you can take the class at your speed when you have time. 

Picture of the Videos in the Startup Library Cooking Class
Some Lessons in the Start Up Library: Cooking Class

Craftsy offers so many classes for you to take that I don’t think anyone would ever get bored with the content. I love that the cooking classes all have downloadable recipes that you can keep for future use. 

I can’t wait to take more classes including the Halloween Treats decorating class which looks so fun! Even if the cost is the full $79.99 (it’s on sale now for $3) for a year, the membership is worth it since normal online classes cost $25 and up per class. I loved the fact that you can take more than just cooking, baking or cake decorating classes. 

What class are you going to try first?

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