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10 Kitchen Must Haves

Setting up a kitchen can be a lot of work and cause a lot of anxiety. You have to decided what do I need, what do I want and what do I already have. It can be totally overwhelming for someone who is just starting out. Below is my list of 10 kitchen must haves. These should help give you a starting place to figure out what to get. 

1.Scanpan CTX 14-piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set with Stratanium Nonstick Coating 
Having a full set of cookware makes a huge difference in your ability to cook most things. Yes, you can get by with one or two pans but sometimes you just need more to make a full meal. I have bought cookware at many different price points, but I still find myself loving the Scanpan sets the most. 
2. Good Chef’s Knife
Most people think that buying a knife set is very important. However, you will find that the knife you use most is your chef’s knife. It is worth investing in a good one that will last you a long time. I find a comfortable size for me is an 8″ but some cooks want a 10″ knife. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable with the knife. 

3. Cooking Utensils
Cooking utensils are essential. You don’t need a ton but I do love choices and this set has it all. Nylon and silicone are your best options as you will be able to use them on all cookware. 
4. Liquid Measuring Cups
Some cooks use dry measuring cups for liquid ingredients. However, it is important to have separate liquid measuring cups to make sure you are getting accurate measurements for your liquid ingredients. 

5. Pyrex Glass Baking Dishes
I love these baking dishes. So great for brownies, oven fajitas, roast chicken and so much more.
6. Bakeware Set
Every home kitchen needs bakeware. A sheet pan can be used to make a cake, roasted veggies or even a sheet pan shrimp boil. Cake pans, muffin tins and loaf pans just add the ability to make so many things from your own kitchen. You can even make the ever so popular banana bread.

7. Dry Measuring Cups & Spoons
As important as liquid measuring cups are dry measuring cups. This is a great set that includes some smaller measurements which can be a little bit harder to find. If I am cutting a recipe in half I always find I am looking for the 1/8 tsp. 

8. Mixing Bowls
We have all used a mixing bowl. A great versatile item that can be used to scramble eggs, mix batter, make pizza dough and so much more. 
9. Meat Thermometer
Have you ever cooked chicken and wondered is it done? I started using a meat thermometer about ten years ago and anytime I am cooking in a kitchen without one I feel so lost. I like the proof of the temperature to ensure that the chicken or pork is cooked all the way. 
10. Pot Holders
A good set of pot holders are a must. No one wants to drop a towel while trying to get a hot pan out of the oven. I love these as the come up a little ways on the arm to give better protection.  

16 Nice to Haves

Crock Pot

Instant Pot

Tea Kettle

Broiler Pan

KitchenAid Mixer

Immersion Blender

  Wooden  Spoons 

  Food    Processor

Dutch Oven

Kitchen Scale

Roasting Pan

Cheese Grater


Cutting Board

Cast Iron Pan

Toaster Oven

What do you have in your kitchen that you can’t live without? Let me know below!

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