27 Cooking Stocking Stuffers

I love the Christmas holidays and shopping for presents. My favorite type of presents to buy are always stocking stuffers. I love searching for something new and fun to give to my family in their stocking. Below are 27 unique cooking stocking stuffers that everyone will love this Christmas. 

1. BBQ Road Trip Tower Gift
A set of BBQ rubs is a great stocking stuffer gift for your favorite griller. They will be enjoyed for the year to come.  
2. Down East Wild Maine Blueberry Jam Gift Box
Jam is a favorite stocking stuffer gift in my family. This Wild Maine Blueberry Jam is a great one that will be eaten quickly.   

3. Foodie Dice® No. 1 Seasonal Dinners
Do you have someone in your life that can never figure out what they want to eat for dinner? These dice take all the guess work out of dinner – just roll, shop and then cook. Plus they are a lot of fun!
4. Fred Tea Frog Tea Infuser
As a tea lover I know that you can never have too many tea infusers and this cute frog is a fun option. Plus he’s so bright you won’t lose him in your drawer. 
5. Handwarmer Oatmeal Bowl
 I love the idea of giving someone a unique oatmeal bowl (that would also be perfect for some soup). You can add in some packs of oatmeal to their stocking to make it perfect. 
6. HARRY POTTER™ HOGWARTS™ Castle Ice Mold, Set of 2
We all have those Harry Potter fans in our lives. This set of ice molds is a creative stocking stuffer that will keep the receiver thinking of you all year long. 
7. Henckles Paring Knives 2-piece, prep set
Pairing knives and peelers are two items that need to be replaced on a regular basis, but most of us home chefs don’t think about it. These make a great useful gift and the red handles make them easy to spot. 

8. Herb Scissors Set
One of my favorite kitchen tools is a pair of her scissors. I love the color on these. They will go with most kitchens and cut your loved ones prep time in half. 

9. Hogwarts Magical Marauder’s Map Mug
As a Harry Potter fan I love this mug. It’s great for everyone, even those who don’t cook. 
10. Joseph Joseph Single-Serve Microwave Popcorn Maker Cups Pkg/2
Popcorn lovers can rejoice when they receive this single serve microwave popcorn makers. They allow you to make just one serving so you don’t waste your good popcorn. 
11. Kikkerland Measure & Mix Cocktail Spoon
Cocktail spoons are a simple thing most of us have in our drawer but having one that measures as well is a bonus. It will be the perfect stocking stuffer for your favorite mixologist. 

12. Lightsaber Chopsticks Light Up Star Wars LED
Star Wars fans will love these light up chopsticks. I would even bet a few battles will be played with them. 
13. Mini Refillable Condiment Bottles Pkg/3
Outdoor entertainers will love these mini refillable condiment bottles. They allow you to bring them outside without having to worry about your big condiment bottles will spoil or get knocked over. 

14. Nessie Ladle Spoon
Finding the perfect ladle spoon isn’t easy but this one is so cute and it stands on its own. 
15.Nothing But Dips Party Set
A canister of 10 different dip mixes is a great gift for your favorite host. They can use the dips to spice up there next party.  

16. OXO Good Grips 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer
I bought one of these years ago and I didn’t think I would use it very much. Well turns out I am always using it. I love that it is dishwasher safe. It will fit nicely in a Christmas stocking.
17. OXO Good Grips Mini Tongs
I can’t count the number of times in my life  I have needed mini tongs and not had them on hand. These are a great gift that we all don’t realize we need until we go looking for them. 

18. Puffin Adventure Vest, Insulated Can Cooler
Can insulators used to be really ugly and I am so glad we now have these super cute ones. These come in multiple colors including camo. 

19. Red the Crab Silicone Utensil Rest
Most home cooks have one spoon rest, but what happens when we are cooking more than one thing at a time? This is an entertaining spoon rest to use when cooking your favorite meals. 
20. Runamok Pantry Favorites Collection
Maple syrup is a great addition to any pantry and these flavored ones will spice up anyones favorite dishes. 
21. Silicone Wine Bottle Caps Pkg/2
Wine stoppers come in many different styles and these will be a favorite of any wine drinker. 
22. Sur La Table Fur Bottle Coat
I couldn’t resist adding this adorable fur bottle coat to the stocking stuffer list. Gift it with a bottle of wine in it to make it complete. 
Photo of Sur La Table Gift Card.
23. Sur La Table Gift Card
$Any Amount
One of my favorite things to slip into a Christmas stocking is a gift card. It can be to any store that my loved ones enjoy going to, but my favorite to give is definitely Sur La Table gift cards.  
24. Sur La Table Popcorn Movie Night Set
Popcorn lovers will appreciate this popcorn movie night set. Its perfect for all the movie marathons this winter. 

25. Wildone 14 Piece Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons Set
Measuring spoons are something in my house that seem to get misplaced. I love this set with double sided magnetic measuring spoons, a lever and five mini measuring spoons. The mini measuring spoons answer the often asked question of what is a dash or pinch. Such a great gift that will fit in any stocking. 
26. W&P DESIGN Porter Utensil Set Charcoal
Travel lovers will want this utensil set in their stocking this year. You don’t realize how many times you need real silverware and the plastic silverware won’t cut it. These are small and easy to throw in your bag and always have on hand. 

27. ZONE DENMARK, Singles Mechanical Kitchen Timer
A lot of people may not see the need for a kitchen time but I have found that I still use them so much more than my phone timers. Plus when you are cooking with someone else it ensures that someone will hear the timer and this one goes with almost all kitchen designs (comes in 3 colors). 

I hope this cooking stocking stuffer gift list helps you find the gifts you are looking for. These gifts would also be great for white elephant gift exchanges too. I would love to hear what you buy in the comments below. Happy Shopping!

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