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Flavor Pop

Cookbook by: WW Healthy Kitchen

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“We make it our mission to find new ways to amp up the taste of meals and snacks while keeping SmartPoints surprisingly low. And it turns out there’s a hack for that: using what we call flavor boosters. These are ingredients that bring satisfying intentsity, richness, or texture – and often all three – anytime you cook with them,” WW Healthy Kitchen.

The number one compliant I have with healthy meals is that a lot of the recipes lack flavor, well Flavor Pop from WW Healthy Kitchen doesn’t have that problem! They show you how to use flavor boosters to make great meals that you will enjoy eating. 

Photo of Honey-Mustard Roasted Pork Chops on a white plate

Honey-Mustard Roasted Pork Chops

Pork chops are one of my favorite things to eat. They are pretty simple to cook but I am always looking for new ways to freshen them up. This recipe for honey-mustard roasted pork chops seemed simple and straightforward. 

Most of the ingredients are normal things you would have in your pantry. I did have to pick up some more dry mustard since the fire destroyed all of my spices and I hadn’t replaced it yet. 

The recipe has very simple instructions and even new home cooks would be comfortable making these pork chops. I did have to cook mine a few minutes longer than the recipe said as they were very thick pork chops. 

I served the pork chops with mushroom rice and green beans. It was a delicious dinner – the honey-mustard sauce had the perfect amount of bite to it but wasn’t overwhelming. I will make these again soon!

Photo of Lemony Pasta with Chicken and Zucchini

Lemony Pasta with Chicken and Zucchini

When trying to eat healthier a lot of people say you can’t have pasta. For me that doesn’t work – I love to find great pasta dishes that aren’t as heavy as your typical Italian dishes. 

This recipe fits the bill. It has protein and veggies. I love the kick it had from the red pepper flakes, however, it just seemed like it needed a little something else. I added a little more salt to it on my plate and a little bit of parmesan cheese and it was a huge difference in the dish. 

There were plenty of leftovers and I plan to have those tomorrow night with a little bit of Alfredo sauce. I will update this later and let you know how it was. 

Cookbook Ratings: Recipe directions easy to follow: yes, Ingredients easy to find: yes, Specialty ingredients needed: no, Specialty equipment needed: no, Accurate time estimates: yes, Best for home chef skill level: novice, Taste/flavor: delicious, Family friendly: yes, specialty diet: no, How many recipes are unique: most, overall cookbook rating: love it

Overall Flavor Pop is a great cookbook. The recipes are very easy to follow and most of the ingredients you will find in your pantry. It offers new recipes that can help you get the most out of what is in your kitchen while still sticking to your health goals. 

I enjoyed both recipes that I made and there are so many more that I want to try including the creamy feta spread and mustard-roasted potatoes and onions. Oh, and I should note I am not a member of WW, I have just found that they have really good cookbooks with a wide variety of recipes. Let me know what you make!

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