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5 Recipe Tips for Better Meals

Worried about trying a new recipe? Wondering if it will turn out okay? Follow these five tips to make a great meal tonight!

1. Read Recipe Three Times

It Is so important to read your recipe multiple times. I have been guilty of skipping this step a few times. Unfortunately, when I have done this, I have realized halfway through a recipe that I needed to do something prior to making the full dish and now won’t be able to finish making my meal. It is very frustrating when this happens – but reading the recipe three times helps you process all the steps to make sure you know what will have to be done when.

2. Check Pantry & Fridge For Ingredients

Who hasn’t gone to start cooking a meal to realize someone ate the last of the cheese or you just ran out of unsalted butter? Once you choose to make a meal do a double check of all the ingredients and make sure you have everything. If you are making a special meal such as Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner it can be really helpful to group the items you will need in one area of your fridge and one area of your pantry and mark it off. This helps to ensure your items will be there on the day needed.

3. Mise-En-Place

The French phrase that means “putting in place” or “everything in its place.” This is a way of prepping and measuring out all of your ingredients ahead, so they are ready when you need them. Click here to read more about Mise-En-Place.

4. Allow Pans to Heat Up

We are all guilty at one time or another of not letting our pans fully heat up. Do you want a nice crust on your steak? Make sure you allow your pan to come up to full heat. One way to test if the pan is up to heat is to flick some water on it and if it sizzles the pan is ready.

5. Don’t Be Afraid of Seasoning Your Meal

A lot of new home chefs struggle with seasoning their dishes. The more you cook the more comfortable you will be with adjusting the seasoning in your dishes. Remember, pasta water should be as salty as the sea. (I put my salt in once the water comes to a boil). It is important to taste your meals as you cook – the more you taste the more comfortable you will be in adjusting the seasoning. I recently made a shrimp scampi and realized it needed more pepper and salt after tasting – once I added it the dish was perfect.

What's your best tip for home chefs?

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