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Have you ever found a recipe you want to make and realize it makes enough for four but you only need enough for two? Or do you have the opposite problem the recipe is for two but you have a family of six? If so I am sure you have googled the measurements you need to convert to make the recipe work for your family. I used to find myself doing this all the time. 

Most recipes can easily be adjusted to fit your family. The big exception is for recipes that call for an odd amount of eggs – if you are trying to reduce the amount it is impossible to accurately split an egg. For those recipes I just try to save the leftovers for the next meal or make them when we have more people around. 

Lately I have noticed that some recipes are asking for measurements that are not on typical measuring spoon sets. For example I was making a recipe the other day and it called for 1/2 Tbsp and none of my three sets of measuring spoons has a 1/2 Tbsp. I know that 1/2 Tbsp equals 1 and 1/2 tsp so I was able to use those measuring spoons. 

I keep dry and liquid measurement equivalents on my fridge to be able to easily make adjustments to recipes I am making. The more you cook the more you will know the measurement equivalents off the top of your head as I do but I always double check the charts on my fridge as I don’t want to ruin a recipe. 

Measure Equivalents

What problems do you have with recipe measurements? Is there something you constantly struggle with? Feel free to comment below and I will be happy to help you out.

(Don’t forget to view the full snickerdoodle recipe here.)

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