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How to Store Your Cookbooks

Cookbooks can bring so much joy in your life but how do you store something that you use often? Lots of home cooks have their favorite way to store their cookbooks.

How do you know if you are really storing your cookbooks the best way for you? Below are six great ways to store your cookbooks that allow you options in and out of your kitchen. 

1. Store cookbooks in a separate bookshelf just for them.
If you have the space this is my favorite way to store cookbooks if you have a lot of them. The bookshelf doesn’t even need to be in the kitchen, it could be in a dining room, office or even hallway. 
2. Store cookbooks on a shelf above your cabinets.
A lot of kitchens have cabinets that don’t go all the way to the ceiling. Instead of wasting that space it can be the perfect height to hold your cookbooks. Yes, you may need a step stool to reach them but most people already have one in their kitchen. 
3. Store in an open cabinet in your kitchen. 
Take advantage of an empty cabinet in your kitchen to store your cookbooks. If you can take off the door it will add to the beauty of having your cookbooks on display in your kitchen. 
4. Store your cookbooks using bookends on countertops. 
When I was just starting out in my cookbook collection I loved to have them on the countertop with bookends. If you don’t want to use bookends you can always use things such as your knife block and a teapot to keep them standing upright. The big downside to storing them like this is if you are a messy cook you may find yourself getting your cookbooks dirty. 
5. Store your cookbooks on the hutch or sideboard in your dining room. 
I know that not everyone has a hutch or sideboard in their dining room (or even has a dining room – some small apartments don’t), but this is a great way to store your cookbooks. By having them on display they can also make for great dinner conversation when you have friends over. 
6. Store your cookbooks on the shelves in your living room as part of your décor. 
My absolute favorite way to store cookbooks is to incorporate them into your décor in the living room. I love having a bookcase decorated with my favorite things: memories, family photos and books – especially my cookbooks. They provide a pop of color and visual interest without being flashy. Plus I love to just sit down and read my cookbooks. 

Once you decide on where to store your cookbooks you want to make sure you keep them in the best shape so they last a long time.

I love to use a cookbook stand (like this* beautiful one) when using my cookbooks in the kitchen and I make sure to  wipe the outside down after cooking. To me I don’t worry about any marks of spills on the inside pages of my cookbook as it makes them feel really loved. I want people to open them up and be able to find my favorite recipe! What’s your best tip for keeping your cookbooks looking tip top?

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