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Fresh Start

Fresh Start for Your Kitchen: Cookware & Bakeware

A fresh start in the kitchen for me includes new cookware and bakeware. If you want to make delicious meals you need the right vessel to cook it in. I love to have a variety of pans to cook in but you can always get away with just a few to start. If you want to do that I recommend getting a cast iron skillet, a sauce pan and some baking sheets – it’s really the bare minimum to make delicious meals. 

Below you will find my recommendations and what I will be picking up to outfit my kitchen for our fresh start. 


Cast Iron Skillet

Lodge Chef Collection Skillet
I love this skillet, it is 15% lighter than normal cast iron pans. Before the fire I had upgraded to the 12″ and used it all the time. It is a great work horse in the kitchen and can be used for just about anything you are making. 

Dutch Oven

Le Creuset Round Wide Dutch Oven 7 qt
I have owned other dutch ovens over the years but the quality of Le Creuset is really hard to beat. The 7 qt is a great size to make your favorite dishes including Julia Childs boeuf bourguignon.


Scanpan ES5 Square Griddle
A griddle pan is a necessity in my house. I love to make pancakes and quesadillas on it but it can be used for so much more. It’s one of the pans I reach for the most.  

Grill Pan

Staub Pure Grill
A cast iron grill pan is a great addition to any kitchen. Perfect for making steaks and hamburgers. I love that this one is oven safe and dishwasher safe. 

Pots & Pans

Cristel, 18-10 Stainless Steel Set of 13 Piece
Cristel, 18-10 Stainless Steel Set of 13 Piece Grey
I have been dreaming about these pans for a long time and I think it is finally time to upgrade. The handles are detachable so they don’t get hot on the stove or the oven and you can take them off to put them on the table for serving. The set has a stock pot, saute pan, sauce pans and a frying pan. 

Roasting Pan

Chicago Metallic Roasting Pan With Rack
Roasting pans are one of those things you don’t buy until last minute when you realize you don’t have one. A lot of times you can just use a baking dish but if you want to make a turkey you really do need a roasting dish. I love that this one isn’t crazy expensive and will work great for Thanksgiving.


Sur La Table Professional Carbon Steel Wok
I had a wok like this for over ten years until I killed it from over use. It was perfect to make sweet & sour chicken and so many great dishes. I love the design with the two handles as it makes it so much easier to cook with. 


Bakeware Set

Sur La Table Signature Bakeware, Set Of 7
Baking sheets, a loaf pan, a square cake pan and a muffin tin are essential in every kitchen. This is a great set to easily start your baking section at home. 

Casserole Dishes

Le Creuset Baker
There are many recipes that call for a casserole dish. I love this workhorse one from Le Creuset and with the beautiful lid it can go straight from the oven to the table. 

Glass Baking Dishes

Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.
Pyrex ® 10-Piece Set
One of the things that I was so sad to loose was my Pyrex baking dishes. I had the blue baking dishes that aren’t made any more and they had been with me in four different states. I love this set with two bakers and three glass storage containers. 

Pie Pan

Emile Henry Traditional Pie Dish
Some people love a glass pie pan and I find those to be nice but there is something beautiful about a solid color dish. This one is so traditional that it will never go out of style. 

Every kitchen needs lots of cookware and bakeware. I hope my list above helps you in outfitting your kitchen. Keep in mind their may be some additional things that you need such as a paella if you make that often. I find beauty that all of our kitchens start with the same basics and as we expand our culinary techniques they all add a few different items that we love. 

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