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Fresh Start

Fresh Start for Your Kitchen: Kitchen Tools & Cutlery

Kitchen tools and cutlery are essential in your fresh start of your kitchen. I am definitely a kitchen tool and gadget girl. There are so many that you can fill up your kitchen with, but which ones must I have on hand?  Below are my most used and loved kitchen tools/gadgets and my must haves for cutlery.

Kitchen Tools

Can Opener

OXO Good Grips Soft-Handled Can Opener
I prefer a manual can opener to an electric one. Unfortunately, I have had an electric can opener malfunction more than once and with a manual one it always works. This is a great option to have at home. 

Candy Thermometer

Candy Thermometer Deep Fry/Jam/Sugar/Syrup/Jelly Thermometer with Hanging Hook & Pot Clip Stainless Steel 
I use my candy thermometer all the time. Most of the time I use it for deep frying. This one clips onto the side of your pot making it easy to keep it submerged in the liquid plus it’s dishwasher safe.


Collapsible Kitchen Colander – Over the Sink Kitchen Strainer By Comfify | 6-quart Capacity | Blue & Grey
I’ve tried a lot of different colanders over the years from plastic to stainless steel to ceramic (for berries). After much use I always prefer the plastic ones that go over the sink. They drain better and it is easier to not accidently loose your pasta down the garbage disposal (trust me I had this happen before and it’s disappointing). Plus this one is dishwasher safe.

Cutting Boards

Joseph Joseph Index Plastic Cutting Board Set with Storage Case Color-Coded Dishwasher-Safe Non-Slip, Large, Graphite, index large
Cutting boards are available in a wide variety of prices. I prefer to buy some in the mid price range. These Joseph Joseph ones are great as they are coded so you won’t accidently use one for raw meat when you are cutting vegetables and they are dishwasher safe.

Garlic Press

Alpha Grillers Garlic Press
For a long time I lived without a garlic press. I bought one last year and have loved it since. The silicone roller peeler that comes with the press is great. It makes it a breeze to remove the garlic skin and get your garlic ready.

Glass Food Storage

OXO Good Grips 16 Piece Smart Seal Leakproof Glass Food Storage Container Set, Clear
Some people prefer plastic storage containers but I find that they easily absorb smells so I try to stick with glass ones. These are a great set with sizes for all your food storage needs. 

Ice Cream Scoop

KitchenAid KO117OHAQA Gourmet Ice Cream Scoop, One Size, Matte Aqua Sky
Ice cream is a regular treat in my house. I love this scoop it’s so functional and pretty. It’s also dishwasher safe. 


OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Ladle
A lot of your cooking utensils you can buy in a set, but I find myself often replacing those for individual ones I love. This is a great ladle for soups and sauces. 


OXO Good Grips Complete Grate & Slice Set
I am not a big fan of a traditional mandoline. A while ago when I was cooking with my now ex he cut his finger really bad so I threw out the mandoline we had. Years later I found this set and have loved it. It comes with two different options for cutting thin slices plus the two graters. I would say it is one of the most used things in my kitchen and I feel much safer using it than a traditional mandoline.

Measuring Cups & Spoons

Wildone Measuring Cups & Spoons Set of 21 – Includes 7 Stainless Steel Nesting Measuring Cups, 8 Measuring Spoons, 1 Leveler & 5 Mini Measuring Spoons
I bought this set not too long ago and was really happy with it. The set has a lot of measurements that aren’t always included in normal measuring sets. 

Pyrex Glass Measuring Cup Set (3-Piece, Microwave and Oven Safe),Clear
It is really important to have dry and liquid measuring cups as you will get different results if you don’t use the right one with the right ingredient. These are great for all your liquid ingredients. 

Meat Tenderizer

KitchenAid Gourmet Meat Tenderizer
Before I had a meat tenderizer I would use a pan or a rolling pin, but they just don’t do as good of a job. I love to make chicken cordon bleu and this makes it so much easier to get your cutlets thin.

Meat Thermometer

Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

All-Clad Instant Read Digital Thermometer
Over the years I have used many different meat thermometers and I always come back to this one. It is easy to use and very accurate. Plus I love how sleek it looks. 

Mixing Bowls

OXO Good Grips 3-Piece Stainless-Steel Mixing Bowl Set
These bowls are great. They have non skid bottoms that make them perfect for mixing brownies and cakes. 

Pizza Cutter

KitchenAid Gourmet Pizza Wheel, One Size, Matte Black
We eat a lot of pizza in this house and I prefer homemade pizza to take out. Having a piza cutter just makes life easier. 

Prep Bowls

OXO Good Grips 8-Piece Glass Prep Bowl Set
Prep bowls are necessary to mis-en-place your dishes. I love to everything read to go before I start to cook, it makes it so much easier than stopping to chop something in the middle of cooking.

Salad Spinner

OXO Good Grips Large Salad Spinner – 6.22 Qt.
Salad spinners are great to have on hand. I love to buy produce from the farmers market and the lettuce always needs to be washed. This makes it so easy to do and gets it dry enough it doesn’t wilt as quickly in the fridge. 

Slotted Spoon

Chef Craft Select Heavy Duty Slotted Spoon, 12 inch, Stainless Steel
I’m always looking for my slotted spoon, especially since I make tacos at least once a week. This is a heavy duty one that will last. 


Silicone Spatulas for Nonstick Cookware, GEEKHOM 600F Heat Resistant Extra Large 4 Pack Rubber Turners with EN407 Certified BBQ Grill Gloves
A set of spatulas allows you to have the ones you need when you need them. I love that these are made for nonstick cookware which is what most home chefs use today. 

Spoon Rest

Spoon Rest For Kitchen Counter, Pack of 4 BPA-Free and Food Grade Silicone Spoon Holder
Spoon rests are something that you may not realize you need until you have one. Once you have it you will wonder how you ever lived without it. I love this four set that is dishwasher safe. 


ThermoPro TM02 Digital Kitchen Timer with Dual Countdown Stop Watches Timer/Magnetic Timer Clock with Adjustable Loud Alarm and Backlight LCD
I used to use my Apple watch for a timer but I have realized how much I prefer an actual separate timer. The timer needs to be portable and one with two timers is great when you are cooking a lot of things at once, no more forgetting which timer is for what. 


2 Pack Black Kitchen Tongs, Premium Silicone BPA Free Non-Stick Stainless Steel BBQ Cooking Grilling Locking Food Tongs, 9-Inch & 12-Inch
I can’t live without tongs they are so versatile and having at least two is a must. Sometimes I have more and find myself always hunting for them but they are in the dishwasher because I use them so often. 

Vegetable Peeler

Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.
 Swissmar Swiss Trio Peeler Set
These peelers have been in my kitchen for years. I love how comfortable they are to use. Even my left handed friends like to use them. 


OXO Good Grips 11-Inch Better Balloon Whisk
A good whisk is necessary to make many dishes, sometimes I have silicone ones and other times I have a metal one. I find the metal ones work a little better than the silicone ones. 

Wooden Spoons

OXO 1130780 Good Grips Wooden Spoon Set, 3-Piece, Brown  
My favorite fondue recipe requires a wooden spoon so I always have one on hand. These are a nice set that will last a while. They are also very pretty to have in the kitchen. 


Microplane Classic Zester/Grater, Black
A great addition to every kitchen. I use mine so often especially for nutmeg and parmesan cheese. 


Bread Knife

Shun Classic Blonde 9” Bread Knife, Blonde PakkaWood Handle
A bread knife is a must have knife for your kitchen. I love how pretty this one is plus it is Shun and will last for a very long time. These knives are worth the investment. 

Carving Knife

Henckels Classic Carving Set, 2-piece, Black/Stainless Steel
A carving set may not be something you think of when you are first outfitting your kitchen but I find that I reach for it time and time again. If you want to serve a beautiful roast or turkey to the table it is nice to have the set to carve and serve.

Chef's Knife

Shun Classic Blonde 8” Chef’s Knife
I have been dreaming of this knife for years and now I believe it is time to finally buy it. It is a great brand and I love the way it feels in my hand. It’s best to try out a knife at Sur La Table or Williams Sonoma so you can make sure you like the feel of it. 

Honing Steel

Shun Steel Satin Combination Honing, 9 inch
When you buy a high quality knife you want to keep it in great shape. Using a honing steel on it on a regular basis will help keep it sharp and ready for use. 

Kitchen Shears

Farani Multifunctional Kitchen Shears Set – 2 Pack Kitchen Scissors, All Purpose Heavy Duty Meat Shears & Herb scissors with 5 Blades
If you want to debone a chicken then you really need kitchen shears. I loves these plus they come with herb scissors which making prepping a breeze. 

Paring Knife

Paring Knife
Where I love to invest in a high quality chef’s knife I much prefer to buy a less expensive paring knife. I find that these from Sur La Table hold up really well. Plus you can buy new ones each season and lots of time they have cute prints such as boats or lobsters. 

Steak Knives

J.A. Henckels 8-Piece Stainless-Steel Steak Knife Set in Wood Gift Box
A good set of steak knives will last you a very long time if you take care of them. I always prefer buying ones that have a gift box so they won’t get damaged as the years go by. 

A kitchen tool most of the time isn’t something fancy, it’s just something that makes your life easier. Can you cut your pizza without a pizza cutter? Sure, but I love the functionality a pizza cutter provides and even use it when making beignets. What kitchen tool do you use the most?

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