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Frontier Follies: Adventures in Marriage & Motherhood in the Middle of Nowhere

Book by: Ree Drummond

“I’m excited to share this crazy collection of true stories from my full-of-energy, hard-to-tame, wonderfully wild (and very weird) frontier family,” Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman, Frontier Follies: Adventures in Marriage and Motherhood in the Middle of Nowhere

I have been a huge fan of Ree Drummond for years – loving her TV show and all of her cookbooks. In 2020 she published Frontier Follies: Adventures in Marriage and Motherhood in the Middle of Nowhere. The book isn’t the typical biography you are expecting instead it’s a laugh-out-loud story-telling adventure of her life on the ranch. 

Photo of the Cover of Frontier Follies by Ree Drummond

When I picked up this book I wasn’t familiar with it and had no idea what to expect. Ree breaks down her stories into sections focused on each aspect of her life. For example, you have sections titled Marriage, Motherhood, The Whole Fam Damily, Country Life, and New Territory. In each section you have a bunch of different chapters where she shares personal stories about her life.

Over the years of having watched The Pioneer Woman TV show and reading her books, you feel like you have gotten to know who she is. In this book Ree allows you to get more access to her life and family. I felt like I was catching up with an old friend over coffee (or my choice of Dr. Pepper – I agree with Ladd that it is the best) while reading this book. Let’s be honest, I would love to meet up with Ree anytime!

Ree Drummond is so endearing and friendly in her writing style that it’s easy to connect with her. The book was so interesting I finished it in less than two days. Plus, she includes a few recipes in the book and if you know me you know I love her recipes. Check out my thoughts on her cookbooks here: 

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The Pioneer Woman Cooks The New Frontier

The Pioneer Woman Cooks Dinnertime

Frontier Follies: Adventures in Marriage and Motherhood in the Middle of Nowhere is a must-read for any fan of The Pioneer Woman. It would make a perfect birthday or Mother’s Day gift for the women in your life who love The Pioneer Woman. 

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