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Swap-Savvy Baking Getting Creative with Recipes & Replacements

Whole Foods has recently launched a series of four free home ec classes. I took the class “Swap-Savvy Baking: Getting Creative with Recipes & Replacements.” The class was hosted by Molly Siegler and Joy Wilson (@joythebaker). The class is short just over ten minutes. 

It wasn’t a traditional cooking class. Instead they gave you some good information for how to swap out items you have at home for what you are missing when you are baking. Some of the swaps I hadn’t heard of before such as replacing flaxseed and water for eggs. 

Joy shows you how to make cornbread using all of the different swaps. At the end you get a study guide with the swap information and six recipes. 

I have taken a hands on Whole Foods cooking class in Nashville and I loved it. This class was interesting but not the typical hands on class. If you are always finding yourself missing an ingredient when you go to bake definitely take this class! 

Swap-Savvy Baking

So Fresh & So Clean

Use ‘Em Up!

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