A number 2 balloon with the text Happy Birthday Kitchen Lit!

Happy 2nd Birthday Kitchen Lit!

I can’t believe it’s been 2 years since I started Kitchen Lit. It’s been such a bright spot in my life being able to share my love of cookbooks, cooking and baking with all of you. 

Last year was a little rough in recovering from the fire and the loss of all my cookbooks. I’ve been slowly rebuilding my cookbook collection. Now I have 27 physical cookbooks and 39 digital cookbooks. I’ve always enjoyed reading digital fiction books but never thought I would like digital cookbooks but I am really starting to love them, especially since they are easy to travel with. (I love to check out ebook deals on Early Bird Books and BookBub for cookbooks and all my other books). 

I’m still not settled yet in where I plan to live permanently but feel like I am getting closer to that everyday. Once I am settled I can’t wait to share with you as I outfit my new kitchen. I love shopping for kitchen wares!

Collage of the covers of cookbooks I have reviewed
Some of the Cookbooks I’ve Reviewed this Past Year

My favorite cookbook that I have reviewed in the last two years is almost impossible to decide on but the one I reach for the most often is Well Plated*. Click here to read my full review of it. I still love it today. 

Can’t wait to share more reviews this coming year of both cookbooks and cooking classes with you. If there’s a cookbook you think I should check out please let me know below. Thanks for supporting Kitchen Lit. I am so lucky to have such wonderful friends and subscribers. 

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