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    Happy 2nd Birthday Kitchen Lit!

    I can’t believe it’s been 2 years since I started Kitchen Lit. It’s been such a bright spot in my life being able to share my love of cookbooks, cooking and baking with all of you.  Last year was a little rough in recovering from the fire and the loss of all my cookbooks. I’ve been slowly rebuilding my cookbook collection. Now I have 27 physical cookbooks and 39 digital cookbooks. I’ve always enjoyed reading digital fiction books but never thought I would like digital cookbooks but I am really starting to love them, especially since they are easy to travel with. (I love to check out ebook deals on Early Bird Books…

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    My Favorite Baking Magazine

    Magazines aren’t as common as they used to be, but I still love them. Over the years I have found recipes and tips and tricks in magazines that I haven’t seen anywhere else before. My Favorite baking magazine is Bake From Scratch. I love the layout and content offered in the magazine. The recipes are inspiring and make me want to try things I would normally be scared of. One of my favorite issues was the Irish issue this past year, unfortunately, I lost all of my past issues in the fire.  Bake From Scratch offers recipes from so many different contributors you are always able to find something you will love in…

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    My Cooking Journey

    Since I was a little kid I have always liked to be in the kitchen – sometimes helping to bake or cook and sometimes just to eat. Until 5th grade I lived in Florida close to my Nana, Grandma and a lot of other relatives.   As a child you don’t realize how much you are learning when you are just having fun helping in the kitchen. I have such vivid memories of my Nana helping her bake everything from chocolate chip cookies to snickerdoodles to the most delicious fudge I have ever eaten. Those recipes are still ones I make today and always take me back to her kitchen in Florida.  At my…