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3 Favorite Date Night Cookbooks

Do you prefer to go out on date night or cook at home? For me I like both but sometimes it feels extra special to plan a special date night at home. I love to go through my cookbooks and pick out recipes I know my partner will love, but with so many cookbooks how do you find the best recipes?


Having reviewed a lot of cookbooks I definitely have my favorites for almost every subject, date night included! Below you will find my three favorite cookbooks for date night. All of these cookbooks offer easy to follow recipes that range from decadent to spicy to absolutely delicious. You won’t go wrong in trying one of these cookbooks for your next date night. 

1. Cooking with Zac: Recipes from Rustic to Refined
As a huge fan of Zac Posen and his clothing, I was thrilled when he released a cookbook. Once I got a chance to cook from it, I was even more in love with the cookbook. There are so many recipes that would be perfect for date night in Cooking with Zac. Click here to check out my full review of Cooking with Zac.

2. Drinking French
A perfect date night for me includes an indulgent cocktail. My favorite cookbook to find drink recipes is Drinking French. You will find great alcoholic and non-alcoholic recipes to satisfy your date. Plus there are some great appetizer recipes too. Read my full review of Drinking French here

3. One Pan, Two Plates: More Than 70 Complete Weeknight Meals for Two 
What better way to celebrate date night than to use a cookbook that only uses one pan? I love a quick cleanup!  One Pan, Two Plates is a great cookbook offering those one pan meals and even though they say they are weeknight meals, a lot of them look really fancy and could definitely be a date night dinner. Click here to read my full review of One Pan, Two Plates.

Making the perfect date night dinner can stress the best of us. Finding a cookbook with delicious easy to make recipes is the best way to ensure you won’t be stressing out. I love the three cookbooks above for perfect date night dinners. 


What’s your favorite date night recipe from your cookbooks? Have you made any recipes from the cookbooks above? If not don’t wait make a special meal this week, especially for Valentine’s Day! 

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