A slate board with flour all over it and "cooking" is written with two hearts in the flour. Also on the board are some eggs, spoon and cups with flour.

My Cooking Journey

Since I was a little kid I have always liked to be in the kitchen – sometimes helping to bake or cook and sometimes just to eat. Until 5th grade I lived in Florida close to my Nana, Grandma and a lot of other relatives.  

As a child you don’t realize how much you are learning when you are just having fun helping in the kitchen. I have such vivid memories of my Nana helping her bake everything from chocolate chip cookies to snickerdoodles to the most delicious fudge I have ever eaten. Those recipes are still ones I make today and always take me back to her kitchen in Florida. 

At my Grandma’s house I learned how to set a formal table (who knew how many times over the years that would be useful – I always know which fork or spoon to use). She taught us how to have an appetizer ready to serve for guests (sometimes just a simple cheese and cracker tray – I still make mine with gouda today like she did) and made the most amazing mushroom rice

All of this time I spent with my them influenced my early baking and cooking memories. 

Photo of Kim and her play kitchen
Me around 5 years old with my play kitchen

After we moved to Georgia I didn’t spend a ton of time in the kitchen as I got busy with after school activities, but I did continue to bake off and on. My family always ate dinner together every night unless you had a school or activity commitment. Those meals meant a lot to me over the years and it was nice for everyone to eat together, talk and laugh – the tv was never allowed to be on. Of course now, I eat in front of the tv most of the time. 

Once I went to college I realized I needed to learn how to cook more things and began to collect cookbooks and recipes. I started off small just trying little things and nothing crazy but I have always been able to follow a recipe pretty well. 

After college I started cooking more and over the years I realized how much I love cooking. Although, when I was dating someone new I normally said I didn’t cook much, as I never wanted to be with someone who would expect me to cook every meal. I remember growing up with both my Mom and Dad cooking which was nice and is what I want. 

Kim cutting her birthday cake
My 5th birthday - I really wanted cake!

The more I cook the better I become at it. I have used cookbooks, websites, cooking classes and of course Pinterest to learn new cooking techniques and recipes. Not everything I make comes out perfect but the majority of the time it is good. 

I would now consider myself a pretty good cook who isn’t afraid to try new things. What began as a love for baking has grown into so much more. I hope I inspire you to try a new recipe in your kitchen. 

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