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  • Turkey in a roaster in the oven

    13 Thanksgiving Kitchen Essentials

    Thanksgiving requires some cooking essentials that you use on a regular basis in your kitchen and some that are more specialized. Check out my list of 13 Thanksgiving kitchen essentials to get you prepared for the big day.  1. Meat Thermometer A meat thermometer is one of my most used kitchen tools. I use my instant read thermometer a few times a week. Some people prefer the the probe thermometers that you leave in the meat while it cooks – this is just a personal decision. Kizen Instant Read Meat Thermometer * 2. Roasting Pan I have tried to make a turkey in a baking dish and it doesn’t always work the best. A…

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    3 Weeks to a Great Thanksgiving

    Thanksgiving is definitely going to look a little different this year but that doesn’t mean we don’t need to plan for the day. Each year all of us decide where we are going to eat and what needs to be done. Below is a list to help you make your best Thanksgiving ever!  Three Weeks Before Thanksgiving Decide how many people you are feeding and what time dinner will be served. Are you going to offer dinner as a buffet or a sit down dinner? Make a list of what you are going to make. Is there anything special that you need to make for anyone? Do you have anyone who has food…